Men of P.R.I.D.E is a mentoring program for boys at our church and our community.  

  • P = Perseverance

  • R = Responsibility and Respect

  • I = Integrity

  • D = Determination and Discipline

  • E = Empowerment and Encouragement


To give our young men an identity that they are created in the image of perfection. This will help to take away the appeal of fitting in (gangs) or the need to be part of an elite crowd as well as to encourage them to have a firm foundation in Christ. We also want to help train them to do basic things such as tying a tie, bathing properly, shaving, greeting a woman, studying, and practicing general good manners.

We must teach our young men how to lift each other up and take responsibility for our own actions. We must teach them to understand that no one is bigger or more elite than God. They must learn to keep in their hearts a love for Him, His children, and, just as important, themselves. We also want to try to “fill in the gap” in those homes in our church family and community where a male presence is lacking. I pray the outcome from this organization will be that the lessons we teach are reflected in the way the young men mature into exemplary examples of Christ.